How to make a blog page with a sidebar using mobirise website builder for free

What you must have to get started?

  1. You must have Mobirise software installed on the computer.
  2.  You must have the code editor extension installed in your Mobirise. if you don't have the code editor extension, get the free one from here: free code editor

Now you are ready to go.

Step one:

Open mobirise builder 
Drag and drop the custom-HTML block to the site

Step two:

Head over to the edit panel and click on the code editor icon to open the editor

Step three:

Now that the editor is open, Download the file that contains the code from here Download file,
copy and paste the following code in the editor and save

Step four:

Save the code

Now go ahead to replace image place holders with the existing images of your choice you have on your computer or phone

Topic one

blog sidebar (two-column, three and article page) full project folder for download. then import it into your Mobirise


Now you realize you have a perfect slide bar in your Mobirise ..go-ahead to edit the images and content to suit your needs.

Topic two:

mobile menu with search icon and favicon

then import it into Mobirise

Project file free download

Topic three: